Health Care Marketing

As recently as a decade or two ago, if you wanted to get the word out about your healthcare network or hospital, it was usually enough to put out a shingle and take out an ad in the Yellow Pages.

Contrast that to the marketing landscape for 21st century healthcare providers, who must juggle their attention between treating patients, managing insurance issues, and competing for patient healthcare dollars, all in the shadow of massive healthcare reform. .

If you?re a hospital system or a medical practice owner, some of the marketing challenges you?re likely experiencing include:

    • Communicating with an aging, increasingly diverse patient population beset by higher levels of lifestyle-related disease.
    • Patient ?doctor shopping? and patients who ?crowd sourced? healthcare information online as much as they seek information from healthcare professionals.
    • Marketing issues related to mergers and multi-partner, multi-location clinical practice models.
    • Getting out your marketing message in the era of healthcare reform.
    • Effective communication on digital platforms, such as websites, blogs, site forums and social media.

The team at MindEcology understands these challenges and your corresponding need to target your healthcare marketing and healthcare advertising dollars with pinpoint accuracy. Some of the marketing services we offer to hospitals and medical practices follow.

Identification and understanding of your best patient customers?and your best prospects for new patients

Are word-of-mouth referrals and insurance directory listings getting the job done? Do you really know where your patients are coming from, and do they know about every service you provide? We?ll help you take a step back and develop a thoughtful strategy, powered by analytical research, that paints a clear picture of your current patient customer patterns and those who are most likely to become new patients for life. Learn more about MindEcology?s customer profiling process.

Selection of your next location when you?re ready to grow

When it?s time to expand your practice or open up an off-site hospital clinic, it?s critically important that you select the location with the best chance of re-routing existing patients and attracting new ones. .

We?ll help you avoid missteps when it comes to site selection, and make an informed choice that keeps your healthcare practice healthy for years to come. Learn more about our site selection services.

Creating and maintaining a strong digital presence

Privacy laws, legal considerations and the usual challenges of time and money make digital marketing for healthcare providers extra tricky. MindEcology can help you evaluate or launch a social media strategy, get the most out of your website analytics, amp up your search engine optimization (SEO) and create a strong marketing message across platforms.

Direct mail and media buying

Most healthcare providers see the value in putting a message directly into a potential patient?s mailbox or their television screen, but these approaches can represent money thrown down a well if they aren?t executed with precision. Check out our expert media buying and direct mail services.

Take your healthcare marketing to the next level, today

We?d be delighted by the opportunity to discuss your healthcare brand and develop a plan of action that solves your top marketing problems. Contact us today to get started.

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