Our mission is to make you more money.

Our mission is to make your advertising dollars more efficient.

Our mission is to tell your brand story through advanced strategy. The reality is… we have a lot of missions. Every company is different and every company’s goal is different, so our mission changes from time to time. However, one mission is constant, and that is to align your marketing tactics with your business goals. We see that as our ultimate mission. Our belief is that marketing succeeds when you narrow the focus. While some missions change from time to time, our ultimate mission is to reach your very specific goal. We do this by helping you narrow the focus and align your marketing tactics with your business objective.

Why Choose Us?


We’re not rookies. We have a team of senior-level experts with a proven track record in a variety of fields.


We speak the language of business. We understand business models and solve business challenges with smart marketing solutions.


We love to win for you. And we love what we do, which is the first step at being great at something.

Featured Case Studies

What people say about us

  • MindEcology has helped us better understand how to communicate and where to communicate with specific groups of our patient base. We are able to tell younger families about our pediatric services, active families about our orthopedic services, and busy people everywhere about our After Hours Clinics. We spend less money in smarter ways with better results.

    Heidi Shalev
    Director Marketing and Communications
  • The team at Mind Ecology has been a trusted partner for many years of my professional career. Indeed, they showed me a whole new approach to marketing, by using business intelligence to inform strategy and tactics. Their marriage of solid data analysis and creative talent truly stands out as innovative within the public sector, in particular.  Best of all, they seem to value relationships as much as they do accounts. I recommend them to my colleagues whenever I’m able.

    Steve Dieterichs
    Tourism & Downtown Director
  •  MindEcology has helped us see the big picture by digging into the data behind who visits Flix Brewhouse. It’s helped up to maximize every dollar of our ad spend and measure our ROI on our marketing so that we don’t flippantly throw mud at the wall to see what sticks.

    Greg Johnson
    Director of Sales and Marketing
  • An intelligent, fun & willing group to work with! They genuinely want to help our cause and that truly makes all the difference.

    Jenny Mills
    Website & Social Media Manager

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