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Mexican Tourism in the U.S.

Mexican Tourism in the U.S.

MindEcology has the ability to build a MatchPoint Audience Definition report to help US-based companies and organizations attract Mexican national tourists. We bring the same audience definition thinking to this vibrant and growing market as we do to our domestic campaigns.

The perennial question asked daily by tourism and destination enterprise managers remains the same: "How do I make my prospective clients sit up and take notice of all of the great things that we have to offer? How can we increase our revenues in the short and long term?"

At MindEcology, we answer these questions for you in a very unique way: we always start a new client engagement by building a detailed profile of your very best customers.

For those customers who spend the most money with you and visit you the most frequently throughout the year, we use our advanced analytics and segmentation techniques to build a psychographic, demographic and geographic profile that best describes them. The resulting profile not only describes them in great detail, but more importantly, it differentiates them in statistically significant ways from your average prospective customer.

We then leverage that information to help you craft the right positioning statements and messaging that will get your best customer’s attention. That is because our data will tell us what their "buy buttons" are and what motivates them to make purchasing decisions.

Our analytics dig deep to reveal the essence of your best customers by revealing psychographic, geographic and demographic factors. The categories that we utilize allow us to put your visitors into meaningful groups in a way that merely leveraging simple demographics cannot achieve.

Our marketing services never end with the simple delivery of an analytics report. Rather, we deliver a host of recommendations, detailed maps and other guides designed to directly inform your marketing decisions.

MindEcology goes a step further: we complete the arc by delivering to you our targeted messaging suggestions and actionable, real-world marketing recommendations. We also offer the full range of marketing services, from to PPC ad campaigns to PR, direct mail, media buying, and marketing plan development. We also work very well with your internal marketing teams and/or third-party partners.


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