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Established 2009

FAQs & Answers

This is the section where we discuss the meaning of life. Or maybe just try to answer some commonly-asked questions about our business and why it should matter to yours.

1. What exactly does MindEcology do?

A: Here’ s the “agency” answer: We are a strategic marketing and advertising firm that offers the full-range of marketing services, from branding and logo development to website design, search engine marketing, media planning, prospect list development, videographer services and promotions. And more.

Here’s the “what’s in it for me” answer: We’re a data-driven marketing and advertising agency that uses analytics to power everything we do for clients, whether it’s pay-per-click advertising, direct mail campaigns or copywriting strategies. We like to think of the two sides of our agency as peanut butter, the data analytics part, and chocolate, the creative advertising and strategy part. We put them together to come up with something sweet that helps grow your business.

2. Are you an advertising agency?

A: Yes. And we’re also a marketing firm. While we perform most or all of the services of a traditional advertising agency, our data geek status makes us a little different from other agencies because: We place particular emphasis on identifying your best customer and then figuring out what their “buy buttons” are. To do so, we employ advanced marketing techniques such as segmentation analytics, customer targeting, persona development, media behavior identification, and custom message development.

3. Why should the fact that you’re a “little different” matter to me and my business?

A: Unlike most of our competition, at MindEcology we place a strong emphasis on “best customer” identification. We believe that knowing who your best customers are is the best way to identify and convert your best prospects. That is why most of our client engagements begin with a “best customer profiling” report called MatchPoint. It’s our signature research product.

We then leverage the results of the MatchPoint report to inform the other marketing and advertising services that we perform to promote your business goals.

4. I’m sold. So how much is this going to cost me?

A: Investment levels vary based upon the type of engagement. Most of our services are priced on a project basis, and we make sure you know what you’re getting before you get out your checkbook. While the majority of our ongoing support services such as SEO, pay-per-click, or banner ad campaign optimization are offered on 6-month or 12-month contract basis, month-to-month plans are also available upon request.

5. What does your typical customer look like?

A: They look awesome, of course! And good looking, and smart (because they hired us.) Besides that: It’s hard to say. The beauty of our analytics methodologies is that they are universally applicable to any type of business, whether it be business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B). However, we have particularly deep experience in tourism, destination marketing, economic development, finance, healthcare, restaurants and retail.

6. Do you partner with other agencies?

A: Yes, and we love teaming up! About 50% of our business is derived from selling our services through other advertising and marketing agencies. We find that our services complement the services that our partners offer. As a rule, we always establish and adhere strictly to non-disclosure/non-compete agreements when we partner with other agencies.

7. What does your typical client engagement look like?

A: We always start a new relationship with our prospective clients by doing lots of listening and very little talking. Once we have established a firm grasp of your needs, we then further the conversation with additional suggestions and brainstorming. Once a proposal has been generated and signed, most of our projects start with an analysis of your historical customer and transaction data. What follows is a set of marketing recommendations, which we can execute in-house. The result is a one-stop-shop marketing partnership experience for our clients.

8. I don’t know how to access my company’s historical customer or transaction data. Are you still able to work with me?

A: Yes. And don’t worry about that, because this is a common concern that we hear from our prospects and clients. The fact is that any data acquisition challenges can be overcome. To do so, we can advise you on how to extract the required data or we can even step in and lend a hand, upon request. Therefore, not knowing how to access your data should never be a reason to hesitate in contacting MindEcology.

9. My business is new, so we do not have any historical customer or sales data on hand. Are you still able to work with me?

A: Yes. Ideally, the “best customer profiling” process is anchored in your own historical sales data. However, if yours is a new firm with little or no historical data on hand, we are still able to model your best prospects by mining our extensive collection of media consumption, psychographic and segmentation databases.

10. What does this “predictive modeling” you keep talking about mean?

A: We’re so glad you asked, because we LOVE talking about analytics. This term refers broadly to the emerging field of leveraging historical (i.e., past) data to predict future outcomes by employing techniques such as traditional stochastic modeling, Bayesian statistics, and artificial neural networks. Predicting the future with 100% accuracy is, of course, still relegated to the realm of science fiction. However, techniques such as the ones we employ have been demonstrated to reveal very strong, statistically-significant correlations between various customer characteristics and sales performance. These techniques can be employed to help you make better, more informed marketing decisions that ultimately improve your marketing return on investment (ROI).

11. How well-proven are your techniques?

A: MatchPoint and our other strategic modeling methodologies are in many ways unique and cutting-edge. However, they are rooted in techniques and methodologies that have stood the test of time for decades and are used today by the world’s most powerful companies. But, the most important proof is that our techniques produce measurable results for our clients. Methods and tools we employ on a regular basis include traditional statistical modeling, artificial neural network modeling, database marketing, GIS/mapping, psychographic research, and return on investment (ROI) analysis.

12. Numbers and data are not my thing. Will I be able to make sense of your work and apply it to my business?

A: You bet. At MindEcology, we pride ourselves on our ability to explain complex marketing concepts and analysis results in straightforward terms that anybody can understand.

Despite our brainy approach to marketing, the entire MindEcology team is very easy to engage. We explain all of our service offerings in plain English, with minimal-to-no use of jargon and buzzwords. We describe all of our deliverables in clear, simple terms, and our pricing structure is straightforward.

We know that any results or reports that we provide you that do not illuminate your path to bigger profits amounts to wasted effort. With that in mind, we always strive to connect our results directly to your stated marketing and sales objectives. Our reports always include specific, easy-to-follow recommendations. And, we are also fully-equipped to take care of your entire marketing or advertising campaign so that you can stay focused on running your business.

Contact MindEcology today and ask us how we can help you find and convert your very best prospects. And if there’s time left over, we’ll figure out the meaning of life.


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At some point, somebody has to call the shots and make a decision. Companies hire us for our experience, knowledge and ability to point the marketing efforts in the right direction. Strategy is a real-world skill set that we use every day.

Data & Research

Data. It’s the hot advertising buzzword in today’s market. And it should be. Data is important to making smarter, more informed business decisions. We’ll put our data knowledge up against any other advertising agency and we invite you to challenge us today.


Creative without strategy is just pretty pictures. It’s one of the oldest sayings in advertising and one we believe here at MindEcology. The average American sees 3,000 ads a day – so creative needs to cut through the clutter, tell your story and drive sales – right away.

Digital & Online

The leaders of MindEcology have been in online marketing since online marketing first started. We combine our data prowess with our creative minds and decades of experience to deliver you an online campaign that’s measurable, effective and makes you money.

Social Media

Can we talk? Social marketing is here to stay, and great social marketing involves talking, telling stories and capturing your audience’s attention. We know how to do the tech stuff. More importantly, we know how to tell stories. Better photography. Better video. Better stories.


We don’t need to tell you that everyone is spending A LOT of time on their cellphones. What you do need to know is that you can use geofencing to harness the location services on those phones and not only identify potential customers but also deliver targeting advertising to them.