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Established 2009

Adaptive Marketing

for the New Normal

With the advent of COVID-19, the United States (and world) has turned a major corner in facing a new reality: the possibility of ongoing, recurring and/or multiple pandemics in the future. They can come up at any time and can have effects that last for months or years.

One aspect of these effects is a change in the composition of a company or organization’s best customer composition. We could be facing periods of high and low COVID-19 waves for the foreseeable future.

For this purpose, we have developed three new, specially-price packages for our clients to take advantage of right now.

Have A Plan To Recover

Package #1: Digital Rebound

Digital Services Management

A 4-Month Digital Program specially priced and offered for businesses in the Hospitality Industry.

Bronze Plan


Google Text Ads: Drives traffic to your site after key words are searched.

  • Full reporting, optimization, creative
  • Media clicks included
  • 4 Months Fully Turnkey

Silver Plan


Re-Targeting Facebook Ads: Appear on Facebook after web visitor visits your website. 3 Facebook creative included.

  • Full reporting, optimization, creative and media clicks included.
  • 4 Months Fully Turnkey

Google Text Ads: Same as in Bronze

Gold Plan


Display Digital Ads: Appear on hundreds of websites. Displayed by demographics and behavior.

  • 3 Digital Ads / Different Sizes Created
  • Media clicks – included
  • Full Optimization, reporting and media included
  • 4 Months Fully Turnkey

Re-Targeting Facebook Ads: Same as in Silver

Google Text Ads: Same as in Bronze

Package #2: Navigate the Now

E-commerce Package Analytics

Selling products or services via your website? Under the new normal, how your customers purchase your products and services – their buying patterns – has likely changed. For this reason, we have developed a custom ecommerce analytics package for you. We will:


We will mine actionable sales & marketing data from your customer list.


Actionable report on your absolute best target customer.


Actionable report on how to optimize your e-commerce platform.

Investment: $2,799

(valued at $5,499)

Package #3: MatchPoint Audience Definition

Pandemic Response Edition

Our MatchPoint Audience Definition: Pandemic Response Edition is based upon the same methodology as our MatchPoint™ Audience Definition report. The new version differs in that it takes account the fact that your best customers behave differently vis-à-vis your organization during a pandemic, by breaking them up into three groups:

1. Maintainers

Maintain non-pandemic behaviors during the pandemic, with little or no modification to behaviors.

2. Modified Maintainers

Continue to remain customers, but engage in the company or organization in a different way (either in terms of frequency of purchase, methods of product/service delivery, and/or types of products/services purchased)

3. Pausers

Those who, due to the influence of the pandemic, have temporarily stopped purchasing but MAY respond to ongoing lead nurturing for when the pandemic has passed.

Investment: $4,499

(valued at $8,899)

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