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Established 2009

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Agency Partner Program

Most advertising agencies do a lot of things well but tend to shine in a few particular areas.

If you are ready to allow a partner agency to do the heavy lifting for services that are not squarely in your wheelhouse, consider a partnership with MindEcology. We will serve as your silent (or not-so-silent) partner for certain services.

Agency Partner Program in a Nutshell

Our Agency Partner Program allows you to control the client relationship while we act as a member of your team to provide data, content, digital ad buys or anything else for which you want to tap into our expertise.

What Makes MindEcology Unique

MindEcology was founded in 2009. We have decades of experience making advertising better with data. We combine that with a cadre of creatives adept at telling stories through a variety of media channels. That unique blend means we can understand and utilize the marketing landscape like no one else.

Popular Services Offered to Partners

All of MindEcology’s services are available to our agency partners, but there are several that are particularly popular due to their specialized nature.

MatchPoint(™) Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from other agencies. Inquire about our B2C and B2B profiling reports.


Let MindEcology design and implement a survey for your client’s existing customers – or let us create a prospect survey and purchase a survey audience with a guaranteed number of respondents. Surveys yield deep insights like no other market research tool can.


We offer fully-customized SEO audits and ongoing SEO support, including content creation that help boost your client’s website rankings.

Digital Advertising

From banner ads to retargeting, our team has the experience and the expertise to design digital ads and manage successful campaigns that deliver an ROI worth bragging about.


Thanks to the location capabilities built into cell phones, we can identify both actual and potential customers based on where they are physically at any given moment. This allows us to do everything from deliver your client’s messages to shoppers who have visited a competitor’s location to sending advertising to attendees at a conference.

Discounted Partner Pricing

As an official MindEcology partner agency, we will provide you with a discounted pricing sheet for our most popular services resold by other agencies. We provide a discount so that you can mark up the end-user price where you see fit.


A Long History of Agency Partnerships

Approximately one-third of our business comes from agency partnerships. Our unique approach to data-driven marketing has made agency partnerships a key component of our business model almost since our founding. Our mission is to help other agencies increase their “bench strength” when it comes to specialized skills. We regularly offer our services to other agencies, helping them become a one-stop shop for their clients.


We Play Nicely with Others

We’re here to be your partner and support you in your relationship with your client. We want to make your agency look like the rock star you already are. We’ve worked hard to develop a reputation for supporting other agencies with integrity. We don’t poach other agencies’ clients. We keep communications flowing through you. And we will never contact your client directly without your permission.


The Onboarding Process

For each new client you bring on board, we will hold an in-depth meeting with you about your clients’ needs and how we will fulfill them.

From there, we’ll collect assets and utilize our secure information exchange site to transfer any sensitive information, such as Google logins and more.


Ongoing Reporting and Check-in Calls

Did we mention that we love data? We’ll provide comprehensive reporting and regular check-in calls to make sure your client – and your agency – understand everything we’re producing and the results we are generating. Our process-oriented approach produces predictable quality and a reliable system.

digital marketing for beginners
digital marketing for beginners

White Labeling Option

If you’d prefer to keep our partnership out of the customer spotlight, we can do that through white labeling. In that case, anything we produce will appear under your agency’s branding and the integration with your business organization will be seamless. Or, you can bring us in the experts for that service – boldly and directly. We’ve had other agencies work with us both ways.

digital marketing for beginners
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