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Established 2009

5 Steps to Grow Your Online Business

The Internet is such an integral part of our everyday lives. And whether you like it or not, your customers are on the Internet. Many print publications, like the Yellow Pages, have become almost obsolete as more and more people are spending their time and gathering their news and information from internet and social media sites.

Therefore, you must incorporate online advertising into your marketing strategy if you plan to grow. Here are five online tips for you to help grow your business:

1. Utilize SEO to Get Found Online
If you want customers to be aware of your business products or services, then you must appear in search engines. Carefully-crafted product or service descriptions, and a blog are a valuable part of your website. The benefit of a blog is it creates a high volume of indexed pages on a variety of topics. Plus, a blog will be offering helpful tips to your customers which will further differentiate your business.

2. It?s Time to Get Social
Consumers spend a lot of time on social media sites. From the big dogs, like Facebook and LinkedIn, your customers and prospects are bound to be online using social media to learn and interact with friends and strangers, and share their experiences. Running ads or sponsored posts on social media sites can also be extremely effective.

3. Website Retargeting Should Be Your New Best Friend
Retargeting is another highly effective Internet marketing tool to reach customers. Retargeting works by tracking customers who have visited your site. This method of online advertising can be extremely effective.

4. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
Many people rely on their smart phones to do many of their Internet activities so it is very important that you have a mobile-friendly website for your visitors to access. (?Responsive design? is another term for mobile friendly).

5. Keep it Visual
The Internet is a visual marketing tool, so do not skimp on the visual aspects of your website or online marketing. Make sure your logos and photos are of a high resolution and that they follow online advertising best practices.