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2023, the Year of Authenticity


The mighty business publication Forbes Magazine recently published a 1,200 word article on 16 marketing trends in 2023 that advertising agencies need to be prepared for. But we both know you’re not gonna read a 1,200 word article. Even from Forbes.

Cherry picking 1 tip out of the 16, we selected this: The Authenticity of Video Marketing.

So we made a video on this exact topic. And it’s under 60 seconds because… well…you know… oh look, it’s a squirrel. Anywho. Here’s the video: Up To Speed | Authenticity

Brand positioning, creative, Google Ads, social media.  Pick one or all of them.  Keep it authentic.  All of it… make it real. Make it pertinent and focus on substance over style. For expensive TV ads and videos, etc. keep on hiring those pretty models and expensive video firms. We love them and support them. But still keep it authentic.

2023 is the year of authenticity — and video marketing helps. If you don’t trust us, then trust Forbes. But seriously, we’ve been doing this for 3 decades, so you should trust us.


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