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Automated Marketing to the Rescue

Most lead generation takes the form of prospect lists, glad-handing at networking events, or waiting for someone to respond to a website form or other digital marketing call to action. These tactics can prove fruitful, but they have downsides. Some are very time consuming, and they either require you to go out and look for prospects, without knowing if they have any interest in all in your business, or to wait for the prospect to raise his hand and identify himself as a lead.

We got to thinking about these challenges at MindEcology, and we decided that we no longer want to wait for prospects to raise their hand. So we went out and created a solution to this problem, in the form of automated drip marketing and lead scoring campaign. Which means we now have the ability to help our customers identify their website visitors by name ? and then start a unique-to-them conversation. This, along with automatic, rules-based lead scoring, increases our client’s chances of closing deals.

And here?s even better news. We can do all of this for you, too.

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