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3 Trends That We Should Return To In 2017

The season of annual trends and predictions blog posts is here. I know — Ive written and posted a few myself. And with the New Year now here, I thought Id share my three trends that we should return to in 2017.

1. It?s still about the benefits

In a profession built on providing people with things they need or want, this should always be obvious. But in todays Series A funding-disruptive-automation-API-Snapchat-filtering-storytelling-instant-metric-social listening world, we tend to forget about putting customers first.

Too many marketers are prioritizing stuff over people, and the profession has gotten a bit lazy and in love with our own shiny objects.

In 2016, my company put extra effort into getting our clients to really buy-in on putting the benefit to the customer at the forefront of all of their marketing efforts. And without fail, revenues went up for each of them.

All of the new-era reporting and metrics that we use clearly shows the measurable benefits of putting people and benefits first.

2. Build brand love

Remember Brand Love, Aim for building a brand that your customers cant live without. At least try! To build a brand people love, your brand must be simple, authentic, and trustworthy.

Research shows that most consumers don’t want to switch brands. What they want is for brands to be sustainable and flexible to their evolving needs.

So be a brand that wants to understand your customers and speak to their concerns and needs. Brands that are responsible and purpose-driven will win the day  both in the short term and long term Listen to your customers, build a production/ solution that speaks to them and you will build and receive brand love that will deliver revenues for years to come.

3. Dont forget your purple cow

Way back in 2009, super marketer Seth Godin wrote a book about being a Purple Cow. Its a book about ditching the old school Ps (pricing, promotion, etc.) of marketing and finding and promoting whats really remarkable about your brand.

In todays intensely cluttered world, breaking through the noise is as important than ever before. So yes, finding your Purple Cow is still needed.

To do this, youll need great content. Purple Cow content. Content that is:

  1. In context with your brand

  2. Mobile and social friendly

  3. Creates purple cow impact

Purple Cow content connects and builds relationships with individuals, not aggregates consumers.

Our challenge in 2017 is to connect in meaningful ways that create impacts. Im convinced of the power of authenticity and the individual influencer to create purple cow content.

In other words, providing content  in a purple cow way – and addressing what people really want  that hasn’t changed.

Why the need to promote trends to return to in 2017 Because its easy to forget in the Series A funding-disruptive-automation-API-Snapchat-filtering-storytelling-instant-metric-social listening world of marketing today.

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