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4 Key Elements for Killer Creative in Today?s Digital World

The digital world is a magical place. We can share virtually anything through voice, text, image, audio, and video with our friends and family. Most of us spend a lot of time in the great digital land; it?s become an ever-constant companion. However, as a marketer, what should be a really great place to find new prospects can present a significant challenge to break through, make an impact, resonate, and inspire a customer to take action.

In today’s digital world, all the expert bloggers will tell you that content is everything, and that’s true. But it’s more than that. When the average attention span of a human being is less than the attention span of a goldfish, you have to be unique. Different. Creative. But most importantly (even more important than content), you must have a great strategy.

4 Factors of Killer Creative Strategy

Yes, even in the digital world, a good strategy is still a must. As the old saying goes, without strategy, creative will fail.

Intrigue: You have five seconds in a digital world to engage prospects, or they will tune out (or in the video world, skip ads). Intrigue is important for engaging and holding an audience, but you have to think about how to create that stopping power in the first five seconds  whether it’s video, banners, text ads, subject lines, or infographics.

Original Concepts: Most of the digital creative ads these days are long on buzzwords, short on original concepts. A good digital ad or design is not just making things looks good; it also needs to accomplish, transform, surprise, and fulfill its purpose (which is usually persuading the prospect to click, download, or watch videos.)

Targeted Headlines: When composing a great headline, avoiding being witty or cute for the sake of the message. Its important to clearly present what benefits that group will get if they read your post or ad. When producing and posting videos, dont agonize over Hollywood perfection, your videos will be successful if they are genuine and connect with audience.

Switch it up: Creative wear-out is a reality. If you show someone the same ad enough times they either take action or start tuning it out. With digital display, the rule of thumb is you need 1 creative unit per every 1.5M  2M impressions.

Successful digital marketing is possible with the right partner who has the knowledge and experience to execute digital strategy. If you want to stand out in the digital world, contact us today.

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