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4 Reasons Why You Need a Secured Website Now

Secured Website

If your website is still unsecured (http://), now is a good time to change that. Here are four reasons why a secured website is necessary.

1. A secured website improves your rankings.

Browsers, like Google, favor secured sites. They want the best for their customers, so their algorithms rank HTTPS sites higher than similar sites that are unsecured.

2. A secured website improves security for you and your customers.

HTTPS protects your users? information and your information from hackers and provides the safest web experience possible.

3. An unsecured site makes some users uneasy.

Updated browser labels show your customers whether your site is secure or not. That label will soon be even more pronounced on browsers, like Google Chrome, including a not-so-friendly red triangle. This is sure to cause some users to stray away from your unsecured site.

4. A secured website increases conversions.

Something as simple as entering a name, email, and phone number into a basic lead generation form can cause anxiety for users. This will only increase as users become more aware of secured vs unsecured.

We recommend that you make this change as soon as possible for the health of your website and online business.

Contact your webmaster, or ask us for help.


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