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5 Creative Holiday Marketing Tips for Agencies

With the holiday hustles and hassles also come a number of opportunities for marketing and advertising agencies (and other businesses, too) to build relationships with existing clients and get in front of new ones ? as long as you?re willing to get creative and do a bit of advance planning.

If you need a jump-start for your agency’s holiday marketing strategy discussion, try these five ideas:

One: Give the gift of data
You can make your holiday greeting pop ? and impress your customers with your forward thinking ? when you customize the content with information about your customer?s industry, packaged in a holiday theme. For example, instead of ?The 12 Days of Christmas?, go for ?The 12 Trends You?ll Want to Watch Next Year?. Who doesn?t love a little bit of gift-wrapped free research?

Two: Avoid the Christmas rush
If many of your best customers celebrate Christmas, that also means that it?s easy for your holiday gift or greeting to get lost in a flurry of offerings from other well wishers. Make your brand stand out from the crowd by sending thoughtfully-crafted Thanksgiving or New Year?s wishes instead.

Three: Make use of end-of-year budgets
Although many businesses have October-October fiscal years, there are still plenty whose fiscal year follows the calendar year. If you plan to put out a blog or an email blast in November and December, you might consider incorporating content along the lines of ?5 Ideas for End-Of-Year Marketing Budgets? or ?How to Get the Most Out of End-of-Year Marketing Monies? – or even ?5 Tips for Planning Your 2015 Marketing Budget?.

In similar fashion, don?t assume that unanswered proposals are dead in the water just because the calendar says December. You may find that some follow up during the time that your competitors assume that ?no one?s around until after New Year?s? – and when many prospects just might be spending a lot of focused time at their desks getting caught up – might yield some surprisingly positive results for your agency.

Four: Give your brand some holiday cheer
Ask your design team to come up with some ideas to add a bit of graphical holiday swag to your logo, social media icons, e-mail marketing blasts, and so forth. A bit of holly hung on your Facebook cover image might draw a few more people to your posts, and it also sends out a high-energy vibe for your brand image.

Five: Give the gift of giving
Instead of (or in addition to) inviting your customers to a holiday happy hour, invite them to join you and your team at a community service event.

Ideas to toss around include: Hosting a party for the residents of a local shelter, visiting a nursing home, or holding a canned food drive. All are excellent opportunities to demonstrate your agency?s commitment to service and to have a meaningful experience with your clients outside the boundaries of business.

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