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5 FAQs About Geofencing

In a day & age where businesses are doing their best to keep the doors open, many are turning to technology to help. One of the more popular ways that present-day tech is helping reach potential customers is through geofencing.

For the uninitiated, a geofence is ‘line’ is drawn around a place (e.g., entertainment venue and/or neighborhood). Someone on a cellphone crosses the ‘fence’, which allows GPS to dial in on them (no pun tended…well, kinda) by way of the person’s mobile device ID. When the person uses the internet or other apps on their phone, an advertisement for the business that set up the geofence will be sent out. Even cooler, the ads for the business will be sent out for up to 30 days.

Reaching Your Audience Where THEY Are

Kinda neat, huh? Just about everyone is on a mobile device of some kind. It makes sense that reaching folks on that device would be the most direct way of connecting with them. While all of this sounds well and good, though, there are likely a number of business owners out there who might not be sure how to make geofencing work for them or whether it’s even the right solution for their needs. As great a use of technology as it is, it has only been in recent years that its potential has begun to be tapped. Some of the more prominent question include:

  • Why are some benefits of geofencing?
  • What kind of businesses can use geofencing?
  • How easy is it to track the success of geofencing?
  • Geofencing seems to work for bringing new business in, but can it help increase repeat business?

Realistically, the most common question about geofencing has to do with the overall cost. In truth, there’s plenty of info out there that provides general price averages. Much of the final price tag depends on location & physical size of the geofence to be put in place. Some businesses may also want a variety of geofences to be put in place. It’s also important to consider recurring fees for campaign management.

Think Strategy

Deciding to use geofencing means businesses have to think strategically about their long-term success. With the right campaign & performance metric management, the investment in a well-designed geofence strategy will pay off.

Ultimately, it is always important to remember that geofencing is all about data. What’s more, having the right agency on your side to help you crunch the numbers will take your mobile marketing to new levels. That’s what we do here at MindEcology. We’re an Austin advertising agency that knows numbers and how best to make them work for you. Let us show you how today.

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