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5 Reasons You Should Use Retargeting (a.k.a. Remarketing) to Drive Website Traffic

Retargeting – a.k.a. remarketing – is one of the best-kept secrets in the online world. It’s actually no secret, but since it is still under-utilized by most companies, it might as well be a secret.

What is retargeting, anyway? It is a way for you to show banner ads on third-party websites to people who have visited your site at least once. That’s it. Simple, right?

How Retargeting Works

The process starts with your adding a piece of code to your website. This code tags visitors to your site. Then, as those visitors visit one of thousands of other websites out on the Internet, those sites will show YOUR banner ad to those same visitors. And, as the advertiser, you can set certain limits, such as: only retarget people up to 5 times. Or: only retarget people if they have visited your website within the past 60 days. You can even set up hyper-targeting rules in order to show certain banner ads to the visitors to certain pages of your site, but not to those who visited other pages.

5 Reasons You Should Use Retargeting Now

Here are 5 reasons you should get on board with retargeting tout suite:

1. You only pay for the clicks that lead people back to your site

2. Conversion rates – defined as the percentage of visitors who take a desirable action on your site (such as filling out a web form or calling you) – are almost as a rule much higher for people who have clicked on your retargeting banner ad. And, as a corollary: cost per conversion is almost always much lower.

3. People coming back to your site for a second (or third or fourth) time are more likely to take action once they get there. Reason: they have already seen your site, so it feels familiar to them.

4. Retargeting makes your site famous (at least in the eyes of your target audience). That’s because your banner ads show up on all kinds of other websites – giving the appearance that you have a presence just about everywhere. This can add credibility to your brand.

5. You can launch your campaign within days. Unlike with SEO, blogging, article marketing, and other traffic-driving methods that take weeks or months to show effect – retargeting can start driving traffic almost instantly.

Take these 5 reasons into account and consider allocating some of your marketing budget toward this exciting new traffic-driving technique.

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