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5 Things That Should Be In A Good Marketing Plan

What makes for a good marketing plan? Well, if your answer has anything to do with a mustachioed salesman on a soapbox telling passersby why your product/service is tops, then it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Looking at many marketing plans brings to light an unfortunate truth — they are littered with disorganization. There doesn’t seem to be any cohesiveness to speak of. Why’s this so important? At the heart of any successful business is branding. If your message to the world has no clear identity, no one will know what you’re about. Even more problematic is when this lack of clarity becomes part of your culture.

Solid marketing plans include:


You need to know how much you can spend during a given period. Also, you need to know how much you have spent & what might be a better use of your finances.

The Good & The Bad

You gotta know what parts of your marketing are actually working. The metrics are out there & tools are readily available to understand where you’re killing it. As important, though, is also knowing when something isn’t working.


Getting some hard data about trends in a given market, as well as identifying your most likely clients/customers, is paramount in knowing whether your marketing money is being spent in the right place. Why get the word out about your business when no one that’s there is interested?

Know Thy Enemy

If you’ve got competition, find out all you can about them. Price points & target audiences are great starts. Don’t forget to figure out what makes you different than them.

It turns out that the most important thing any good marketing plan should include is, well, an actual strategy. You might be surprised to learn that a lot of businesses don’t have a plan for how they hope to reach potential clients & customers.

They rely on casting a wide net with rudimentary marketing tactics, hoping the awesomeness of their product/service will be enough to carry them to untold success. It won’t. Marketing is an exact science, and to be honest, not everyone is good at it. This is when it’s crucial to reach out to a well-respected & experienced marketing firm. Combining your efforts with their expertise will be a big first step in giving your marketing the hutzpah it’s been missing.

A good marketing plan, in Austin or anywhere for that matter, starts with working with the right marketing team. Contact us to learn how your strategy, with the right tweaks, can be gangbusters!

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