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5 Social Media Marketing Recommendations for Every Destination & Hotel Business

By Darren Drewitz, Strategy & Media

Marketing trends come and go. Stats change. Here are 5 social media marketing recommendations that won’t change anytime soon for the destination-hospitality world.

  1. Inspirational Content

55%?of travelers turn to social media pages they’ve liked while they are planning a future trip. 33% change hotels and 7% change destinations based on what they see in social media.

With Facebook averaging 1.37 billion users per day and Instagram averaging 700 million users per month, there?s a lot of competition for attention.

So what do you do? Tap into the wanderlust that exists in every traveler. Keep your destination or property at the top of mind throughout the prospects path to purchase. Give them a reason to feel as they are missing out on what your place has to offer.

Content that inspires and engages will win the day and the reservation. So happy faces, captured moments, and informational tidbits of your location?s best features should be your focus.


  1. Video is Huge. Get Used To It.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video is worth 10,000 words. Video can capture and communicate what images can?t.

Ever sit at your work desk watching a friend?s vacation video and think, wish that was me??? On any given day, 75 million people are watching video online.


Teach yourself how to shoot and edit video. Where can you learn? On the king of video platforms, YouTube. There is a video for everything.


  1. Mobile is Not Just For Millennials.

Here’s a question: when was the last time you went to a place and nobody was on their phone? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

The average American looks at their phone 46 times a day. 23% of US travelers booked a hotel by using their mobile device.

Stop thinking mobile is for millennials only. You are wrong about this.

Your website needs to be super mobile friendly. Your booking and navigation need to be seamless. It?s the pathway to driving more direct bookings.


  1. Can We Talk?

Get personal with your audience. This is the most under-valued and misunderstood part of social media marketing by travel-destination-hospitality companies.

71% of online consumers want more personalized ads. And 41% are willing to give up their personal email addresses to get it.

While a traveler is moving along their path to purchase, the desire to feel a personal connection to a destination is now a necessity. In both social advertising and social content, you need to be authentic and personal.


  1. Show Them The Way

76% of travelers post their travel photos in social media. Hey, who doesn’t like free content? Do your guests know where to post on your social platforms? Do they know what common hashtags or core messages you want out there?

Why not? It’s easy to make a sign or communication strategy informing them of your official social platforms. And don?t bury it at the bottom of your website.

Create a unique sign. With a catchy phrase or unique photo. Place it in high traffic areas of leisure. Your front desk is nice, but guests are distracted then.

You need new content. Let your visitors help you. Show them the way.


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