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6 Lessons Learned As A Marketing Intern

digital marketing for beginners

My summer internship at MindEcology taught me that digital marketing is the hottest of hot topics as more companies compete for their space in the marketplace. As one of the most effective ways to capture your audience and promote brand awareness, digital marketing is the way for your voice to be heard. Since we live in a growing digital world, it’s important to take advantage of the platforms and opportunities available. Here are the top 6 things I learned about digital marketing.

1. Understand the purpose of your marketing

Are you looking to increase overall brand awareness, or focused on generating leads by abruptly capturing a select group’s interests? Both are necessary for reliable performance, but sometimes focusing on one or the other will give you a better path to follow. It’s important for beginners to generate their brand awareness in order to lay the foundation. When putting in attentive effort, the quality of your marketing will rise.

2. Relate to your audience

Customers are the center of everything nowadays. If you can’t impact your audience in a meaningful way, then you can say goodbye to sales. Customers are at the core of decision making. The idea of being customer-centric is something many businesses are focusing on today. It is important to develop a friendly user experience for your customers. Even the most loyal customers won’t stay if they aren’t emotionally stimulated by your content. Look for solutions to the daily problems they face in life. If you can strike this cord, then retaining your customer base will happen naturally.

3. Utilize social media platforms

Social media is one of the most powerful tools within digital marketing. A social commerce company named Curalate surveyed over 1,000 U.S. consumers and discovered more than 80% of consumers generated an interest in buying a product from a social platform. Choose a few platforms that fit your brand and focus on quality. Knowing what social media your audience is most active on can pinpoint better execution and sales. Social media is not only a great way to promote your business but it also serves as a way to engage and better your customer service.

4. Back it up with data

How do you know if your content is generating success? You can’t improve upon something you can’t measure. Data is a simple tool to make sure your time and money is going to the right place. Simply tracking the amount of shares you get on social media or hits on your website, will give you a better idea of what areas need improvement. It is important to take advantage of data that is readily available to you. For example, if you understand what age groups are using certain platforms, then you can target this demographic to enhance results.

5. Humanization is everything

Consumers prefer when you tell rather than sell. The average American sees approximately 3,000 advertisements per day. When bombarded with so many ads, it becomes hard for people to remember what they saw. Humanizing your content will connect with consumers on a personal level and allow for your ad to be remembered. Showcase your brand through stories that will capture the viewer’s attention. When the consumer can personally associate with your brand, it allows for a more meaningful relationship.

6. Leave it to the professionals

When in doubt, leave your marketing to the professionals. If you’re struggling to maximize your budget and time, then look into hiring a marketing pro. When your marketing is put into the hands of the right people, they can drive your results more than expected. In such a competitive environment, sometimes the right choice is letting the marketing experts handle it.

Understanding the basics of digital marketing will help you maximize results. Implement the tips in this post and your bound for a digital win.

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