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9 Things That Should Be Included In Data Append Services


There was a time when office types would take a glance at the Rolodex once a year to organize what felt like a total mess. In many respects, data append services are a lot like this but in overdrive. Whereas the Rolodex might still be bulky, ratty, and disjointed even after being looked over, data append services make sure the final product is sleek and organized.

Organization Doesn’t Always Translate to Useful

Now, that sounds good in theory, but there’s just one thing to remember — sleek and organized doesn’t equate to useful. When you were a kid, you’d get new school supplies every year. Notebooks, binders, and writing utensils were specifically chosen to make you better able to take ALL the notes and have EVERYTHING in the perfect place. Within about a grading period or so, however, all of your best-laid plans went kerplunk.

Did it matter that you were ‘sleek and organized’? Not one bit. So goes the same for basic append services. Much of what you’ll get is limited in scope and basic in outcome. For businesses both big and small, the bare minimum is not, nor will ever be, enough. Your data organization attempts need to be usable to your personnel. Better leads, accurate info for audience definition, and less time and money being wasted to advertise for an audience that’s no longer there or may be in the suite next door.

What Do LEGIT Data Append Services Look Like

If your company is looking for data append services, you’re in luck as a number of high-profile firms offer their assistance. But before you jump into any agreements, you should be looking for certain things to be a part of your prospective append service. This would include:

  • Data Hygiene
  • Removing Obsolete Info
  • Validating Emails
  • Address Validation
  • Removing Duplicate Records
  • Apartment Append
  • Email Append
  • Phone Append
  • Merge/Purge Lists

Don’t Settle for ‘Good Enough’

In short, not all data append services are the same. While the general processes might be similar, the results carry wildly. At a time when all businesses are having a hard time just getting by, every expense a business owner takes on needs to have some teeth behind it. Taking the time to find a firm offering USABLE data append services may take some doing. However, the investment will be very worth it in the end.

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