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9 Things You Need To Know About Data Privacy Changes in 2021


Unless you are complete wonks like we are, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about data and how it’s collected online. These days, however, there are major data privacy changes happening that will have a dramatic impact on marketing. Read on for nine things you need to know.

1. Big tech is going to be making some very big changes: Apple and Google are driving major changes in the way data is collected, stored, distributed and sold. Those changes will have far-reaching impacts, particularly in the way the third giant – Facebook – interacts with its audience.

2. The first of these changes may already be on your phone: Apple’s iOS 14 dramatically decreases the amount of information that can be shared with advertisers. Google will not be far behind; the search giant plans to end third-party cookies on its browsers next year.

3. Data privacy regulations are constantly changing: The new plans from Google and Apple and are just the latest of several major changes in the way data is collected from internet users. From collecting cookies to anti-spam laws, the picture of data privacy is constantly changing.

4. It is not the same everywhere: Data privacy policies and regulations may be constantly changing, but those changes are not happening at the same time or in the same way. Canada and the EU have made major changes that have forced much of the rest of the world to adapt. In 2020, California passed the Consumer Privacy Act, which impacts how information about California residents can be collected and stored.

5. Attitudes are changing: More than 70 percent of US adults want to see government reform of data privacy and more than 60 percent want to see increased regulation for how companies operate online, according to a recent study by Performics and Northwestern University. Those attitudes should impact how you collect, use and share your customers’ information.

6. Transparency builds trust: Speaking of attitudes, your customers want to know what you are doing with their data as well as how you’re collecting it and where you are sharing it. Being honest with them will build trust and further the values that your brand represents.

7. The government is getting involved: Looking to the future, it is increasing likely that federal legislation may soon impact data collection in the United States. Being aware of those potential changes – and planning for them – will help your company adapt and evolve to meet the future.

8. Advertising is going to change: What does all this mean for your day-to-day marketing? The data you use and the data you collect will change. Online marketers use access to data to target ads to those most likely to purchase products. They also use those purchases to measure the effectiveness of those ads. When Apple and Google restrict access to users’ data, the ability to target ads and measure their effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

9. Opt-in will be key: The days of relying on buying data from a third-party may be coming to an end. That means it is becoming more and more important that you collect information about your customers yourself. Ask your customers to provide their email and other information and then give them what they need and want with a regular email that they cannot wait to open up and read.

The bottom line is you need an agency to keep track of it all. Data privacy and the laws surrounding it are changing rapidly and dramatically. If you want to keep on top of those changes – and make sure your marketing both complies with the law and utilizes best practices – you need a data-driven marketing agency.

At MindEcology, data is our middle name. We live it, breath it and love it every day. Click here to schedule your free consultation and we’ll help you manage your data-driven marketing.

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