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All Your Marketing Performance Data in One Place – SnapReports

The world’s top marketers have at least one thing in common: they are vigilant about keeping close tabs on which marketing activities are paying off for them – and which are akin to just pouring money down the drain.

Now, you can put the power of integrated reporting in your own hands for your marketing performance data. It’s a snap.

MindEcology announces our new multi-channel marketing performance reporting software product, SnapReports. If you are a marketer, an agency rep, or business owner, you stand to benefit from reading more.

Here are “just the facts” on SnapReports:

1. What: SnapReports is web-based software that lets you easily compile and share your marketing results data from each of your marketing channels You can report on the performance results of online text ads, banner ads, direct mail campaigns, and media buys – all in one place.

2. For Whom: Marketing directors, marketing coordinators, business owners, and advertising agency owners with multiple clients.

3. It is Unique Because: SnapReports is different from existing reporting and dashboard-type software in the following ways:

* set up new clients and channels in under 5 minutes
* add data and run reports in just minutes
* geared for use by non-data experts
* compare cost per acquisition or cost per visit across channels
* compare month-on-month changes with useful charts
* find trends over time with handy graphs
* focuses on only the most essential data points, making report creation as easy as the click of a button
* handy optional data estimation features, such as normalizing results for month-on-month comparison, extrapolating when you have partial month’s data, or fill values if you have a gap

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