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Ask The Right Strategic Questions About Your Business

A great article published in the online version of the Harvard Business Review, “7 Strategy Questions: A Simple Approach for Better Execution,” outlines 7 strategy questions you should be constantly asking yourself and those around you about your business.

Here is a short summary of the 7 Strategy Questions mentioned in the article:

1. Who Is Your Primary Customer?

2. How Do Your Core Values Prioritize Shareholders, Employees, and Customers?

3. What Critical Performance Variables Are You Tracking?

4. What Strategic Boundaries Have You Set?

5. How Are You Generating Creative Tension?

6. How Committed Are Your Employees to Helping Each Other?

7. What Strategic Uncertainties Keep You Awake at Night?

This list resonates with those of us here at MindEcology. Each of these questions can be answered – in part or in whole – by applying the right data analytics, data mining, and/or predictive modeling strategies.

Find more a detailed explanation of each at: Harvard Business School Working Knowledge.

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