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Thinking About Best Customer Profiling? Do It Now.


If your business is looking pretty good these days, congratulations. That probably means you’ve got smart products, smart services, smart people, and you’re pretty smart yourself.

So what’s next for you? Are you going to open up more locations? Hire more talent? Go to Disney World? They all sound like great ideas – but only if you’ve made your next smart move by investing in some best customer profiling.

Why? Because smart business owners recognize that they can’t take success for granted. If you invest in best customer market research right now, while everything’s going well for your business, you’ll gain the insights you need in order to make things even better for your business – plus, you’ll have the intelligence you need to help protect your business, should you experience any future downward shifts in your marketplace.

In other words, businesses need to understand who their best customers and best prospective customers are in time of famine AND feast – and it’s a lot easier to go through the process when you’re in a time of feast.

While you’re mulling that over, chew on this:

What is best customer profiling? (Also known as ideal customer profiling, market segmentation or customer segmentation)

A best customer profile is a guidebook that tells you everything you need to know about the people who (a) already do the most business with you and (b) are the most likely to do business with you, based on their psycho-demographic characteristics.

Your best customer personas help you understand where your customers live and play, how much education they have, their ages, their preferred media consumption habits, their family status, and which “buy buttons” turn them on, so to speak. Best customer research also helps you prioritize your marketing by dividing your customers into groups, or targeted marketing segments. (Find out more about the process behind best customer profiling.)

Why it pays to know your customers:

Customer profiling helps you pull off smarter marketing – the kind of marketing that’s got a better chance of reaching and converting a prospect or existing customer. It puts an end to “spray and pray” marketing, arguments or indecision about where to spend your advertising and marketing dollars, and makes it easier to hammer out good creative (graphics and content). If you know your best customers and the competition doesn’t, then you’re in a much stronger position to seek out and seduce them, and therefore increase profit for your business.

So, to sum it all up:

– If you want to create more opportunities to increase profit and get more customers…

– If you want to do smarter marketing that’s more likely to get results…

– If you want to know how to better engage with and grow your total spend with your existing customers…

– If you want to increase your conversions (the number of people who see your marketing and advertising and end up becoming customers)…

– And if your business is doing well right now…

Then it’s the perfect time to hook up with a marketing and advertising agency with the research chops it takes to pull off accurate and easy-to-act-on best customer profiling.

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