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Data-Driven Advertising Can Save Your Advertising Budget

If you’re being honest with yourself, how much data-driven advertising have you done since you opened up your business? Chances are the the number is quite low, which is unfortunate considering how beneficial the strategy is. You read that right: IS, not can be. That distinct difference is what sets data-driven ad work apart from just about all other strategies employed by business owners.

When ‘Normal’ Budgets Go Out The Window

For the last eighteen months or so, businesses have taken quite a beating, doing everything they can to keep the doors open & their employees able to pay bills. Much of the work has been focused on doing everything possible to pivot into new avenues of retail. While different, they’ve allowed business to keep humming along. Crucial to success was being able to understand how customers were shopping. This included knowing what devices they were shopping from & other data points that provided insight into the mind of would-be clientele.

Advertising Through A Different Lens

The key to making this happen? Data, plain & simple. All of this proved to be important because businesses were operating with shoestring budgets of their own. Advertising, even to get the word out about changes in operation during 2020, was limited. By being able to read data, though, businesses knew how best to target their ads so that their efforts reached the right people & were not simply lost in a void.

In short, data-driven advertising saved, and continues to save, business budgets by creating better focus of advertising efforts.

Data Without Action Is Just A Bunch of Wasted Information

Data-driven advertising is aided by the individual work done by businesses AFTER THE FACT. Customers want to know they matter, and if they’ve chosen to fill out a survey or provide an online review, they are taking steps to share their opinion. Reaching out to current customers to gain insight about your product is a way to not only plan for prospective customers but also to retain current ones.

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