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Data Trends We’re Watching — And You Should Be Too


We love data.

But you already knew that.

We’ve crafted a powerful niche by harnessing the strength of data to creative story-telling in order to supersize our clients’ marketing messages.

But just like everything else in the world data is constantly changing. And we have to change with it.

Here are fifteen data trend predications we’re expecting to see realized.

Data and Analytics Leaders, Strategy and Innovation

Movement to the cloud continues to drive transformation, including for financial models focusing on data and analytics (D&A). Leaders in this field need to be prepared to deliver solutions in an uncertain future.

1. More digital leaders will see data becoming a key component in the success of organizations.

2. Organizations that share governance and stewardship processes to allow data sharing will be more successful than their competitors that continue to function with silos.

3. Data and analytic governance will be crucial to business success, consumers will insist on being able to trust the security of their information.

Analytics, BI and Data Science

Consumers and communities are moving to the cloud, leading business intelligence, data science and analytics to change as well.

4. Cloud-based solutions will continue their domination of this sphere. Within the next few years, cohesive and scalable cloud eco-systems will become one of the top buying considerations for companies.

5. More and more organizations and corporations will utilize analytic integrations, by doing so they will outperform their competitors that neglect to do so.

6. Overall analytics use will increase nearly 50% thanks to analytic solutions that are specific to key parameters.

Technology Innovation

Corporations and companies large and small need to be nimble to adapt to new technological innovations and business offerings.

7. The internet of things – physical devices that are connected to the web – will continue to dominate, with artificial intelligence empowering them to serve as decision-makers.

8. Within the next couple of years, cloud-native platforms will serve the majority of digital workloads.

9. The majority of technology leaders will see the value of personas and journey mapping, using them to drive projects that have more meaning.

10. Companies will expect their technology departments to innovate new business solutions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience

Customer service will continue its journey of becoming proactive rather than reactive, leading to customer service becoming a profit center.

11. By 2025 outbound customer engagement interactions will outnumber inbound interactions

12. Also by 2025, most organizations will use messaging as opposed to native mobile apps.

13. Concurrently, some technology leaders will become customer experience leaders.

Digital Commerce

Employee stress, rapid technological innovation and the pandemic have all combined to push change in the digital workplace. Remote workers will need new solutions to stay engaged and productive. Changes made to adapt to the pandemic can be re-deployed and implemented as strategic solutions.

14. In the next few years companies that focus on automation, analytics and citizen development will be more nimble.

15. Remote work won’t end when the pandemic does, by next year nearly 50% of workers will work remotely at least one day a week.

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