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Digital Advertising Key Terminology Series | Parts 8-10: Ad Types, Ad Auction, & Quality Score

Digital Advertising

This Digital Advertising Key Terminology video blog series featuring our Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Jed Jones, is everything you ever want to know about measuring and communicating digital. Parts 8-10 of the series cover ad types, ad auction, and quality score.


Part 8: Text Ads, Display Ads, Retargeting Ads


Part 9: Ad Auction?


Part 10: Google Ads Quality Score

This video series is designed to explain key digital advertising metrics, tools, products, and concepts in a way that a layperson can understand. The style is low-key and conversational in nature and will appeal to both technical and non-technical users. This series features Jed C. Jones, Ph.D., co-founder of MindEcology, LLC. MindEcology is an Austin-based, full-service advertising agency specializing in research, and marketing strategy.

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