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Five Things You Should Expect From An Outsourced CMO


Knowing whether an outsourced CMO is something you should consider is a tough call. Still, the fact that you’re thinking about going this route means you’re not happy with your current situation.

You spend a lot of time putting every facet of your business under a microscope. Everything is up for scrutiny, including employees. Unfortunately, the one place that is often overlooked in terms of bang for buck are your executives.

This certainly applies to your chief marketing executive. At times, marketing leadership gets a little stale & campaigns are on auto-pilot even when things aren’t working out. This works out to poor return on investment for your marketing dollar. Add to this a full-time CMO salary, and you’re talking about some serious money netting very little results.

But is an outsourced CMO the way to go? It comes down to your expectations for the position. For example:

New & Old-School: You want to bring someone in who has proven results & experience, but they need to be up-to-date with their approaches. A combination of old-school & modern strategizing is ideal.

Collaborative Work: A CMO, outsourced or not, doesn’t operate alone. They are part of a team & need to operate as such. It’s with collaboration that the best out of all parties involved can be had.

The Big Picture: The customer lifecycle tends to be seen as moving from passing interest to sales transaction. However, you want to have a lifecycle that maintains a customer over the course of time.

Revenue: Strategies are fine, but are you actually being profitable? Without a financial upside, you’re not making progress.

Moving Forward: No matter how good or bad things are, leadership has to be willing to keep everyone in the loop, but they also need to have answers as to how to right the ship.

Before you make a decision about hiring an outsourced CMO, ask yourself:

“Are you meeting your current marketing goals?”

“Is there room for improvement?”

“Do you have pressing budget constraints that need to be addressed?”

None of these questions are easy to answer, but getting down to the nitty-gritty will allow you to get the most out of your marketing budget.

See what an outsourced CMO from Austin, TX can do for your company. Contact the experts at MindEcology today.

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