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Get Your Banners Noticed: 5 Ways to Avoid Banner Blindness

Your customers are going blind.

Not literally, of course, but when it comes to banner ads, they just aren’t seeing them.

When they were first introduced more than 20 years ago, banner ads had an unbeatable response rate, compelling internet searchers to click thru to websites and generating sales at a record pace. But as internet advertising has proliferated, internet users have become more and more immune to what they interpret as noise and banner ad blindness has become rampant.

Without a plan, advertising spent on banner ads can be like throwing money at the wind. Luckily, overcoming banner blindness is something a savvy advertising agency can help you accomplish.

Read on for five ways to overcome banner blindness:

Know your audience: Knowing who you want to reach is the foundation for overcoming banner blindness – and being effective at marketing, for that matter. Reaching your customers at the right place at the right time can only be accomplished if you’ve done careful research to determine exactly who your customers are and what their habits are.

Leverage retargeting: Wherever we log on to the internet, we leave a trail of breadcrumbs that the right internet advertising agency can use to find us – and help fulfill our needs. As you search for products, look for your next vacation destination or shop for just about anything, your search history is collected and that history provides clues to what you want and need. Utilizing that history to provide ads is known as re-targeting.

Thanks to re-targeting, you can reach your customers when they are looking for what you offer. From showing off spectacular photos to potential travelers who’ve researched your destination to showing ads for refrigerators to internet users who searched for appliances, re-targeting lets you showcase your products to the right people at the right time. A powerful tool in the marketing toolbox, retargeting is one of the most effective ways of overcoming banner blindness.

Catch their eye: Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising messages – up to 5,000 ads per day according to some studies. Rising above that maelstrom of messages requires an ad that is better than the rest.

A creative ad with eye-catching imagery and a clever tag line are key to a banner ad being seen and not ignored. Just like print ads or even a billboard, getting someone’s attention requires not only compelling copy and a relevant photo, but the right balance between the two. The right advertising agency can help you craft a creative banner ad that compels people to click on it.

Don’t confuse your audience: While getting creative is always a good idea, getting too creative can backfire. A clear message will make sure your audience knows what you’re promoting.

Make sure you let people know what you want them to do: Call to action, or CTA, is an advertising term that refers to the part of an advertisement that tells people what you want them to do. A clear call to action is your final opportunity to compel your internet audience to become your customers. For banner ads, a call to action most often begins with “click here,” but whether it ends with “to learn more,” “to shop now” or “to enter” depends on what your advertising goals are and how best to induce those looking at your ad to click over and start looking at your products.

While getting all five things right may seem like a tall order, it’s the only way to ensure that your banner ad doesn’t get lost in the sea of messages we all navigate every time we set sail on the internet.

Want to learn more about overcoming banner blindness and turning your audience into your customers? Click here to schedule a consultation with MindEcology.

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