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How Facebook Ads Will Change In 2021

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It’s likely that everyone will be feeling the effects of 2020 for years to come. Even Facebook ads will find themselves looking different than they have in previous years. The reason? Well, it’s important to think about Facebook’s role during the last twelve months.

Facebook played a crucial role in the way folks stayed in contact with friends and family when they couldn’t do so in person. For businesses, this connection was pivotal to staying afloat. Since everyone had to transition to staying home, traditional commerce ground to a halt. Facebook became a lifeline for businesses to stay in contact with customers, letting them know what changes were taking place & how best to keep supporting their enterprises from afar. It was also a great way to keep advertising.

About a fourth of the way into 2021, things look to be moving in a relatively better direction regarding COVID-19. Operating in a new normal will be a priority, but how will this impact the use of Facebook ads?

More Eyes Than Ever

With COVID-19, Facebook saw more folks checking in than ever before. This doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon. As such, businesses will need to really sharpen their Facebook ads to keep people tuned in. It’s important to remember that more use will likely lead to an increase in ad cost & expenses.

Increase Ads for In-Demand Products/Services

Knowing a bit more about what folks want & need as they transition to a post-COVID-19 world, businesses will want to ramp-up ad campaigns on these products/services. 

Finding Direction

The biggest changes businesses will face with Facebook ads this year is adapting to the way people use the platform. Is Facebook being accessed on a mobile device or desktop computer? Also, companies will have to get creative & find new kinds of actionable data to help shape their ads so that they are seen no matter how the platform is accessed.

What It’s All About

Ultimately, though, it’s as simple as this: Facebook ads & business as a whole should be focused on one thing — the customer. Acknowledge praise with gratitude & humility, but be sure to listen to “any” criticism they provide. This input will be invaluable in shaping your Facebook advertising strategy, as well as improving your products/services.

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