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How Good Hospitality Marketing Will Make A Difference For Your Destination

hospitality marketing

Every time a new holiday rolls around, there’s a news report showing the massive amount of people traveling during that period of time. While much of the reason for their travel is based on purposeful trips to a specific destination, a growing number of folks are being swayed quite heavily by hospitality marketing. Think of it as the modern-day version of going where the wind takes you with one major exception — it had nothing to do with chance.

Hospitality marketing is all about getting awareness to the consumer (in this case, the traveler) of everything that a destination has to offer. This means information about restaurants, nightlife, excursions, and even educational outings like museums. Today’s consumer/traveler is looking for more out of their trip. They want an experience from just about everything they do. This means that everything they do has got to pop in some major way.

Destinations looking to attract travelers have to do more than simply be there and say, “We’re fun.” For example:

  • promotional material has to lead to greater engagement with the consumer/traveler
  • destinations need to maximize personalized marketing so that it connects with prospective customers
  • folks are willing to spend money while traveling, so destinations have to showcase their value to consumers
  • virtual realty tours are still a major player for destinations looking to attract people; hotels can benefit in significant ways by allowing consumers to see rooms and amenities before booking
  • pulling back the curtain and showing more personable content, letting the consumer know that there are actual people behind everything

Destinations also can separate themselves from their competition by appealing to data that shows major consumer changes over the course of time. Social media has brought about the rise of immersive experiences that are photo-worthy. Ultimate selfie spots and outdoor art has become a great way to create interactions with downtown squares looking to bring back commerce after renovations.

Furthermore, destinations can also appeal to the rise of mobile booking increasing by making reservations more mobile friendly. And though it may be inconvenient, there is something to be said about appealing to offering last-minute cancellations without penalties as data shows many more consumers/travelers are leaving room for spontaneity.

But what if a destination doesn’t know where to start when it comes to getting their hospitality marketing on track? With so much competition out there in and a hospitality industry worth billions, time is of the essence. It may be time to call in the experts.

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hospitality marketing