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How List Append Services Can Supersize Your Sales Team

list append services

When you operate in a world that is a little silly with lists, there will come a time when said lists are gonna be a bit wonky. Wonkiness is just one of the reasons that list append services have really come into their own over the last 5-10 years. As more sales teams aim to get numbers up, they’ve pulled out every stop to reach their goals.

Right at the top of this work is organization. List append services can be looked at and defined in a number of ways, depending on the firm providing the services. However, when it comes right down to it, list append work is about getting things organized and easy to navigate.

Numbers Don’t Lie…

You might think that general sales team lists aren’t that crazy. Really, you open up a spreadsheet or two on your desktop and use your cursor as a placeholder. Maybe you’re old-school and print out some lead contact info so that you can go hog-wild with highlighters. But you have to consider the way some sales teams are broken down. For example (all numbers relative and vary from industry to industry):

  • sales manager has about ten to twelve salespeople they oversee
  • each salesperson can have an average of a few hundred accounts for which they’re personally responsible
  • each of these accounts has email lists, phone number lists, addresses, and other demographics

…Unless The Numbers Are Wrong

Once you start doing the math, it’s easy to see how much data there can be to sort through. The last thing anyone wants in this situation is for any of this information to be inaccurate. The best list append services not only make sure that data is accurate, but they also remove false/incorrect data. This, in turn, allows companies to have better communication and better leads from which to work. Though a minor point, cleaning up all of these lists also saves space and makes searching for info much more efficient.

Getting On The Same Page

Though much of this conversation relates to the sales team, it’s important for companies to realize that ALL teams have to work together in order to reach short and long-term goals. Better overall lists is not only helpful to the sales team, but it helps advertising and marketing. Demographic information becomes much more accurate, making everything from targeted advertising, audience definition, and customer segmentation much simpler.

List append services are about filling in the gaps and pay off in big ways. Just remember that not all list append service providers are the same. Here at MindEcology, we have one major goal with our list append work — giving you peace of mind about the data you’re using while letting you focus on your business. Call us today.

List Append Services