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How To Know If Geofencing Is Right For You

In a world where every business is doing their best to at least get by, tapping into untapped markets can be a bit high-risk/high-reward. Playing it safe may be a little too timid, so utilizing an innovate strategy like geofencing may be the way to go.

What is Geofencing?

The basic idea of geofencing is that a location has boundaries ‘marked’ by a ‘fence’ made up of digital parameters of a business’s choosing. When a person crosses the ‘geofence’, they are then targeted with a particular message. The goal of these messages is to get you in the door. Furthermore, the hope is that these messages get to you at a time when you’re most likely to act because you’re in the right place at the right time.

The Good…

At the heart of geofencing is the ever-widening connectivity of all things around you and your cell phone. The more the technology in your pocket operates with permission to share information about your location, the more geofencing becomes a part of your life. There are some pros to getting alerts by way of proximity:

  • they tap into a need or want you have
  • messaging can be personalized so as to focus its attention on you

This one-to-one connection is pretty great at creating and fostering what hopes to be a longstanding relationship. This comes with brand loyalty and the kind of word-of-mouth advertising that’s hard to beat.

…and Maybe The Bad

Of course, it’s important to note that there are some important cons to take under consideration. Maintenance of a geofence may not be so easy for beginners. Understanding the ins and outs of getting the right parameters can be tough, leading to more errors and some wasted opportunities. Privacy also becomes a hot topic. With so much connectivity, there are some inherent risks taken by both the customer AND the client.

Businesses need to ask themselves one question — is geofencing the right way to go? In short, it depends. When done well, it can be very beneficial. When executed poorly, it can be an abject disaster.

How does one avoid the latter? Simple — work with the right marketing firm. MindEcology is an Austin advertising agency who knows a thing or two about geofencing and A WHOLE LOT MORE about reaching customers. Call us today.