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How To Know If You Have The Best Digital Marketing Agency

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and hire a digital marketing agency. Everyone told it was the right call, and they were right. In an ever-changing world where data is everything, having the right folks on your side to help you figure it all out can help you stay ahead of the competition. But recently, you’ve started having your doubts.

Sure, you have interviews & tried to be diligent about asking the right questions. But did you know what to ask? Were you really having an interview or was the whole thing more of a pitch from the agency that felt more like a time-share presentation? Perhaps most important of all, did you come away with the right agency or did you settle?

The first thing to do is take a deep breath. You’ve already made the major decision to even hire a digital marketing agency, a step some business owners refuse to do. That foresight alone shows you care enough about your operation & those involved in it to make it succeed.

Now, when it comes to knowing whether your digital marketing agency is up to snuff, it may not be as tough as you think. It starts with basic things like the following:

It’s All About YOUR Goals

Hiring a third-party entity always runs the risk of losing sight of one’s identity. In the case of one’s company, it can mean losing sight of the main goals (both short- & long-term) that the company has in mind. Why? Mostly because the agency swoops in & dictates terms IT can & wants to deliver.

Platforms, Schmlatforms

Many digital marketing agencies take pride in their work on certain social media platforms, and it’s quite impressive. But can they work across a wide array of platforms to really get your branding & messaging across? Limitations in their expertise can be problematic if the platforms your ideal audience uses are not in your agency’s wheelhouse.

The Trophies Aren’t Out Being Cleaned At The Moment

It can be tempting to work with the hip new kid on the block. However, there’s a reason Division 1 coaches visit prospective players with a collection of championship rings — it shows that things get regularly done. The same goes for agencies who have years of experience & respect in the industry (that’s clout for the young folk).


The best digital marketing agencies are not afraid of telling you about their previous clients. They will also go so far as to publicly highlight them for your review.

Finally, and this is the common theme in all of this, you’ll know you’ve got the best digital marketing agency working with you for two reasons: 1) they’re working WITH you; and 2) YOU matter. So, if you think that your digital marketing agency game might need a little work, click here to connect with us today! You’ll be glad you did.