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How to Promote Your Brand Message Across Platforms

After weeks of internal wrangling, your company finally has a ?messaging platform? ? a document outlining your business?s key talking points that everyone has agreed to use. Congratulations!

Now what?

Most of the time, marketing sages discuss the idea of marketing messaging (also known as brand storytelling or corporate messaging) in the context of ?why? and ?how to?. But there?s less talk about what to do with your messaging document ? the ?who we are and why you should care? story about your business – once it?s developed.

Many organizations spend time and money to craft a slick messaging platform only to see it end up represented on the company?s ?about us? page and nowhere else ? or worse, shoved into a notebook that?s left to gather dust on a shelf. Here are three steps you can take to make sure you?re integrating your message across platforms and saving your awesome brand story from a left-on-the-shelf fate:

Step One: Take inventory of your marketing vehicles. The list should look something like this:

1. Website (all pages)
2. Social media channels
3. Print collateral
4. Presentation decks
5. Newsletters/e-marketing

And so forth. Evaluate each for evidence of your key messages at work. If there are gaps, it?s time to think about updates or overhauls.

Step Two: Are your sales team and other ?brand ambassadors? ? anyone who is charged with sharing your company?s story and closing deals ? telling a tale that?s aligned with your messaging platform? If not, you may want to invest in some training or coaching that helps these ambassadors become better brand storytellers.

Step Three: Designate a Storytelling Quality Checker. Or a couple of them. These are the people in your organization who take a look at presentations and other documents before they go live to make sure that they?re on point with your key messages.

Are you thinking it?s time to develop a marketing message platform for your business? An outsider perspective can help ? and smart use of data will help even more. Find out why.

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