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Established 2009

Introducing the MindEcology Agency Partner Program

marketing agency partner program

MindEcology is proud to announce our new, expanded and simplified Agency Partner Program. This program makes it easier than ever for advertising, marketing, public relations and creative agencies and solo practitioners to augment their existing services quickly and easily.

MindEcology’s co-founders, Darren Drewitz and Jed Jones, have a collective 50+ years experience working as professional marketers. Since 2010, MindEcology has combined the depth of digital and research expertise with the breadth of decades of general marketing strategic experience.

Together with our team of seasoned specialists, we apply just the right person for each project we undertake.

We have already worked with dozens of partner agencies across the United States over the past 8 years. These relationships have worked so well, we recently decided to streamline the process to make it even easier to get started.

How Does This Help You?
Why invest in one, two or three new full-time employees or gamble on inexperienced or unknown outsourced partners? MindEcology makes it easy to partner up with an established agency.

Here are the key benefits of becoming a member of the Agency Partner Program:

1. Get the Legalese Out of the Way Up Front

There is one agreement to sign at the beginning of the relationship, which can be renewed annually. Then, for each order you want to place, you just have to send us a purchase order (PO) which will reference the agreement. Simple, easy, fast, no-hassle.

2. Simplified Pricing

For our best-selling services, we now have a “one price-style” pricing format. No more going back and forth or waiting a couple of days for a quote. As an official MindEcology Agency Partner, you will have our pricing in-hand and can quote your customers freely, adding your margin.

3. Educational Materials

Partners will receive access to special content, including:

  • How to sell our research and digital (features, benefits and overcoming common objections).
  • Updates on latest digital trends to share with your clients.
  • Tutorials on how our services work/what they offer from a more technical perspective.

4. You Retain the Customer Relationship

All of our services can be white-labeled: your name, your logo. You get the credit for the work. You maintain and retain the customer relationship, giving you options to grow your business with your client for years to come.

To sign up or learn more, contact us today.

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