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5 Ways Your Website Is Letting You Down


Your social media posts are performing well, your pay-per-click ads are getting traction, and your direct mail campaign never looked better. But somehow, your sales are flat.

Could it be that your website isn’t a closer?

Some of the signs that your website isn’t getting the job done are:

  • You’ve been around a while, but your website traffic isn’t any better than it was the day you opened up for business.

  • You’re getting lots of website traffic – but few conversions (sales).

  • Your phone is ringing and your inbox is full – but not with the right kinds of inquiries. Instead of questions from your best customers, you seem to be getting a lot of calls and emails about unrelated products or services, or about lower-end products and services.

Let’s take a look at some of the common barriers to conversion a website can present:

Unattractive or outdated website design and content.

A fabulous website design can’t overcome a lackluster product or obscure a lack of a USP (unique selling proposition). But a “last decade” design and content that obviously hasn’t been updated in a while can convey a sense of brand inferiority that may turn off a potential customer off before you have really gotten a chance to try and close the deal.

Lack of strong calls to action.

Most of your website visitors will leave your site without taking action – even when they are interested in your product or services. Anonymous website visitor ID and automated marketing can help you turn some of these drive-away prospects into customers – and so can effective calls to action sprinkled liberally throughout your site.

Bad paths to conversion.

Your social, your PPC and your direct mail all scream “Hey, you! Come to our website! We’ve got something you need or want!” But when qualified prospects show up, they either (a) can’t find the information they’re looking for or (b) don’t know how to close the deal once they locate what they’re after.

Technical issues.

This one almost seems too obvious to include, but we never stop being shocked at how many brands we see with websites replete with broken links, wonky e-commerce platforms, images that don’t load, pages that don’t load, Flash elements that don’t convert to mobile environments, auto play videos that take over your computer, and – well, you get the idea.

Poor messaging/Weak content.

A website that lacks repetition of key messages, a compelling case for support (purchase or inquiry), or vivid, descriptive language that bring your products/services to life in the imaginations of your customers will lose qualified prospects to competitors or inaction.

Got the website conversion blues? We’ve got the remedy. Contact MindEcology to discuss website design, website development, and all things digital marketing.

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