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Established 2009

Market Segmentation Poll

Market segmentation is the art and science of dividing your customers into groups, or segments, in order to better target the right ones with the right advertising message and/or media. In fact, in some cases the results of a segmentation analysis can even suggest that you should completely ?step over? or avoid certain customers or prospects altogether.

Market segmentation has gotten a lot more sophisticated in recent years, due to: 1. the advent of proprietary psycho-behavioral segmentation systems like Prizm, Mosaic, and Personicx

2. the increased sophistication of quantitative analytics techniques

3. the sharp increase in the sheer amount and detail of information that market research firms keep about each adult in the United States

Request: If you own, run or manage a business-to-consumer (B2C) business, I am interested in your thoughts on market segmentation. Here is a one-question poll I would like you to answer: Thank you for your input!