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Established 2009

The MindEcology Agency Partner Program – 10 FAQs

Marketing Agency Partner Program

MindEcology is proud of our track record of partnering with dozens of other agencies. Now our mission is to build a stronger relationship with YOU.

Since launching our new-and-improved program in January, 2018, we have received many questions from existing and prospective MindEcology partners alike. Here are 10 frequently-asked questions about our program:

Q1: Put simply, what is the MindEcology Agency Partner Program?

A: The Agency Partner Program is a re-designed format that makes it easy for other agencies and independent contractors to resell MindEcology’s services to their own clients.

Q2: How does it benefit partner agencies?

A: We offer fixed pricing, clear deliverables, and a no-fuss payment structure. Just sign a single contract. When you’re ready to order, just send us a PO and we’re off to the races.

Q3: Which services are available through the partner program?

A: We are currently promoting our digital services (SEM and SEO), along with MatchPoint Audience Definition & Best Customer Profiling. However, our entire suite of services is available, including media buying, creative, social media, marketing strategy, and custom research projects.

Q4: Will MindEcology contact my end clients directly?

A: No! You maintain the relationship. We can send reports directly to your clients or you may choose to forward reports to clients directly. Your call.

Q5: How long has MindEcology been in business?

A: Since 2010 as MindEcology. Our co-founders, Darren Drewitz and Jed Jones, have collaborated in the areas of data and marketing for over 10 years. And, each member of our team has 10-25 years of marketing experience. We only hire seasoned professionals.

Q6: Is MindEcology big enough to handle my business?

A: Yes. We pride ourselves on being small enough that our co-founders can still make key, strategic decisions on behalf of EVERY client. But we have learned the secret of how to scale to meet business demands while retaining quality of service.

Q7: Why should I trust MindEcology to support my clients?

A: In short: our clients love us. Not saying we’re perfect, but we certainly strive for that goal. We combine deep specialization with a solid grasp of general marketing strategy and big-picture thinking. We plan, design, execute and check our work. Rinse and repeat. That formula has worked well for our clients and partners. It will work well for you.

Q8: What if I just want to refer new customers to MindEcology rather than handle the clients directly?

A: Our standard contract involves a “white label” format whereby you represent our services as your own, while invoicing and payments flow through your agency. However, we also have a vibrant referral program. Inquire within!

Q9: How do my clients know if the campaigns are working as planned?

A: As big-time data nerds, we are BIG on reporting. MindEcology will send you one-time reports for research and audits, while we send monthly reports for digital services and social media engagements.

Q10: What if I have more questions not answered here?

A: We are more than happy to talk through your questions with you. Contact Jed Jones at MindEcology: 512-649-5169 or email him at:

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