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Score a Winning Goal with Social Media

Social media is a booming industry. With over $41 billion in ad revenue in 2017, social media advertising is quickly eclipsing other more traditional forms of marketing. It certainly gets a lot of hype and all the marketing gurus agree that it is essential to have a social media presence.

But is all the hype worth it? Does it really matter if you don?t have a social media page right this instant? Here?s an interesting fact for you ? 87% of consumers say that social media helps them decide what to buy, and around 90% of consumers reach out to a brand via social media.

And you don?t have to be a huge and established brand with your own flashy e-store. Platforms like Etsy and eBay have wonderful social media integrations, which can help you reach larger audience with minimal effort. It is sufficient to run the right eBay promo on Facebook or provide a well-timed voucher through Etsy to utilize the advantage social marketing provides without spending anything.

If your business is not represented, how much business are you missing out on? The power of social media is staggering. Care to wager how many fans sport?s giant Nike has on Instagram? It?s 75.2 million in total.

That means that every time they release a new trainer to the market, they have a base of over 75 million on just one social media channel to share it with. Assuming that only 10% of that base purchases the new trainers, they are already a hit.

It?s a match made in heaven ? one of the reasons that social media users follow brands in the first place is for entertainment value. And what is more entertaining than sports? Think about how passionately fans support their favorite teams and players.

Soccer legend Zlatan Ibrahimovi?, for example, has 27.8 million followers on Instagram. That is almost half of what Nike has. Think for a minute if your company could get a taste of that kind of success.

Social media is essential to businesses going forward. Take a page out of Zlatan?s book: he is not only a brilliant soccer player, but also a character on and off the field. He has learned what it takes to keep his followers entertained and engaged.

If you can do the same, you can achieve similar success.

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