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Should You Do Your Own PPC Advertising?


It’s no secret that this year has been especially rough on businesses, leading many to adapt to an exclusive online presence for survival. As such, strategies like well-crafted PPC advertising have become crucial for success.

But even before the world went sideways, PPC work was a key component for businesses looking to make waves. With an online presence being crucial to stay afloat, though, the need for this kind of strategizing has become even more important. When it’s done well, the returns are tremendous, but when it’s done poorly, it means hemorrhaging money.

Business owners tend to be very hands-on. They do everything from being the face of the company to AP/AR & custodial work. These folks also try their hand at building an online audience to get their name out in the ether. That’s a lot of spinning plates in the air, and eventually, there’s going to be some breakage.

So, should you do your own PPC work? The short answer is ‘No’, but it’s not because of a lack of drive & determination.


PPC advertising can be a full-time job. In fact, many companies have specific positions in their advertising & marketing department stable for just this purpose. Setting up campaigns, keyword lists, landing pages, there aren’t enough hours in the day. By the way — you still have to run your business!


The terminology employed in PPC work is dizzying & frustrating. Moreover, the technology being used is rapidly changing, as is the keeping up with the trends & algorithms at the heart of PPC advertising. Keep in mind that there are a lot of tools to allow someone to jump right into PPC advertising with a few clicks. But what do the clicks mean? How do you know if your moves have paid off? What do you fix if things aren’t going well?

At a time when businesses are already making tough calls, the idea of hiring an outside agency to handle PPC advertising feels risky. The thing is that you’ve made it a point to do right by your work & those you’ve brought onto your team. Knowing when to bring an expert into the mix is a smart business decision, and the right agency will help guide you through it all.

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