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5 Keys to Social Media Success in 2019

Social Media Success

Looking for social media success in 2019? Here are five things you need to be doing.

Facebook turns 15 years old in 2019. The shiny object phase of social media is over. Social media marketing has rightfully taken its place in marketers integrated plans.

Here are 5 keys for having success with your social media marketing in 2019:

1. Build real trust via your social media platforms.

Fake news, privacy policies, selling data. The fear mongering about social media is everywhere. And unfortunately, the distrust with the technology can and does bleed over into your brand promise.

And there’s not a lot you can do about it on the macro-level. But you can control on the micro-level with your own business /organization’s social platforms.

In 2019, focus on building, or in some cases, rebuilding trust with your customers via social. Here is how you build trust:

  • Stop selling so much. Consumers like stories and information and learning new things. Consumers like to be entertained. Keep them engaged.
  • Be honest. Don’t tell consumers that you have the fastest internet service if indeed you are not the fastest.
  • Acknowledge the lovers and haters. Reply to those posting about your brand. Both those who love your brand and hate your brand.

2. Stop selling. Start telling.

The popularity of social is founded in our opportunity to share our life experiences with friends and families. For your brands who feel compelled to post daily with a hard call to action and sales language, you’re doing it wrong.

All consumers start a profile because they want to deepen their human connection. Not because they want to learn more about your financial product for retirement.

This opens the door for brands to share more human stories of their own, which will inspire audiences to try out their product. Storytelling feels real, immediate and personal, but it also demands a mix of more time-intensive video, images and graphics, and requires brands to be more creative and thoughtful in the intent.

3. Put a marketer in charge for real social media success.

The average American sees 3,000 advertising messages every day. Instead of trying to shout over this volume, you need to communicate in a creative and unique way.

Your prospective customers will tune out run-of-the-mill messaging. Thinking any photo or any post or any content will do will be your biggest mistake.

Ask yourself…honestly, are you a marketer? Do you have training in social content? Are you a storyteller? If that answer is no, then why are you doing social content? Just because you know how to take a picture and post on Instagram straight from your phone, doesn’t mean you?re qualified.

Your brand needs to go the extra mile in creating engaging content that is intrinsic to your brand. And that is what professional marketers do.

4. Put a human face to your brand.

Take a look at all of the celebrity endorsements on TV right now. Ever hear of a social media influencer? Progressive Insurance has paid actress Stephanie Courtney 6 million dollars to play the character of Flo.

Why is this? Because we are all human beings. And we like to listen to people who are related to us.

Putting a real, human face to a brand is key in building trust and loyalty. This strategy will naturally connect customers and make the brand seem more relatable. Businesses that learn to foster their human element will have a real advantage over those who hide behind a logo.

For small businesses, promote the business owner or a high-level leader. This can be done through short video clips, interviews, podcasts and behind-the-scenes captured moments. Giving the public an up-close view of the company?s leader can strengthen its brand reputation.

5. Selfie videos and branding.

Like social, selfies are here. You can make fun of it, or you can embrace it and grow your business.

Self-recorded videos or selfie videos are drawing high user interest on social media. This tactic allows users to capture a moment in time, but the video format allows users to communicate in a deeper and more personal way than a photo ever could. Selfie videos tend to be short and feel more immediate than a written post with a photo.

Here’s an inescapable reality… viewers spend hours watching friends? videos on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Brands would be wise to look for ways to incorporate first-person selfie video content as part of their marketing strategy.

Social moves fast. Keeping up with the new trends and tools is important. But the long-term building blocks of marketing and social is the first place to start for social media success in 2019.

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