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Survey Results In: Your Biggest Marketing Challenge Is…

We made the call and you answered. We were jazzed to see how many of you were willing to share your biggest marketing challenge.

Now want to take a look at the results with me?

Of course you do.

We don’t need a survey to tell us that everyone loves to know what their peers are struggling with and that they’re not alone. It’s human nature.

So here it is…when it comes to marketing, here are the top 3 things keeping you up at night…

1) Lack of funds
2) Needing more sales
3) Not sure who is your best customer and how to find them

Wha wha whaaaat?

Ladies & Gents- We know from experience that resolving Challenge #3 leads to #2 which leads to #1. Start with #3. If you think you have #3 down, but aren’t reaping the rewards, go back to #3.

Schedule a demo now to start working on your Challenge #3

Everything else will fall into place.

Full Survey Results

Survey Respondents by Industry

1. Top industries:

Leisure & Entertainment: 25% of respondents
Consumers/Certain Demographics: 15%
B2B Sales: 14%
Advertising Agency & Contractor: 10%

2. Top job titles:

CEO/Business Owner: 37%
Marketing Manager/Director: 32%
Marketing Support/Coordinator: 8%

3. Greatest marketing challenge:

Insufficient Financing/Money: 14%
Unsure How to Define/Find Desired Prospects (Segmentation): 14%
Need More Leads/Sales: 12%
Unable to Keep Up with Latest Tools & Tech: 8%
Insufficient Time/Bandwidth to Get Everything Done: 8%