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The Luddite’s Guide to Geofencing


If you’re a Luddite, whether self-professed or the label bestowed upon you, you’re actually part of a large group of folks who’ve taken to looking at technology with some serious side eye. High on the list of your anti-tech views have to do with the growing use of geofencing by companies looking to tap into, well, you. While carrying torches & storming local cell towers isn’t quite in the mix, there is a serious mistrust associated with your info being used to market a product/service that you might like.

Geofencing’s role in targeting loyal & prospective customers in a predetermined area is getting things in your hands you either want or need. The question then is whether or not this is a bad thing.

It depends. For instance:

“Big Tech” vs Technology

Are you bothered by the tech giants seemingly having a hold on too much information? Do you really just hate all technology? Take a look around your home. How much of your ‘everyday’ revolves around some form of technology?

Tap Into Interests

Remember that geofencing is about companies, both large AND small, tapping into your interests & hoping to bring you in the door. Far too often, folks will bemoan a cold, soulless interaction with a business/company. It makes them feel like a number. Geofencing is a central part of creating a personalized experience that aims to make you a lifelong customer.

At the end of the day, you may be an obstinate Luddite to your core. You might also be someone who is a little iffy about the reach of technology. Nonetheless, YOU have a lot of power over what is, and isn’t, OK with respect to your personal info. Geofencing is certainly not going away, with many industry estimates indicating a sharp rise in its use over time. However, this type of info tracking doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In the right hands & with the right permissions, geofencing may be able to provide you an unparalleled customer journey that nets you the products/services you’ve been waiting for. 

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