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The Secret Ingredient Of Effective Brand Messaging

The work that companies put into brand messaging is meant to accomplish one thing — tell their audience who they are and what they’re all about. But the subject here is about effective brand messaging. It’s here that things get a little more detailed and nuanced. A standard of communication is being set in terms of how a company reaches their audience, what they tell them, and what they want that voice to be.

Step One: The Audience

In order to communicate in this way, companies need to actually know their audience. A well-defined audience & honed personas provide a blueprint for how best to connect with them. Companies will know more about how what makes folks tick and why. Communication styles will differ as well.

Step Two: Value Proposition

Brand messaging relies on the strength of a company who knows that it brings to the table. Aside from understanding their audience, companies must also understand where they fall in the marketplace. What makes them different when compared to the competition? How much better does one’s company effectively address the audience/persona’s needs?

Step Three: Tone

When a company communicates with their audience, their tone of voice makes a big difference. Their overall brand messaging can be a resounding success or catastrophic failure based purely on a misguided approach to speaking to one’s audience. Keep in mind that the tone of the voice will vary between companies depending on what they offer & the make-up of their audience.

The ‘Secret’ Revealed!

Finally, the ‘secret’ the effective brand messaging for any company, no matter the size, is consistency. Once a company has established who they are and the voice they want to adopt for their brand, THAT has to be internalized through & through. Advertising & marketing needs to be on the same page with R&D, as does AP/AR, C-suite executives, and interns. Social media postings have to reflect this voice, as do communications through direct mail and email blasts.

Brand messaging, in short, is a company’s identity. Disarray at the core when it comes to that messaging will undoubtedly seep into all facets of communication with the audience, something that is unacceptable. Let MindEcology, an Austin advertising agency, lend a helping hand.

Our job is to come in and start digging into the all the info we can to find out what might be causing a company’s brand dissonance. More importantly, our goal is to get results & help get brand messaging on track once again. Let us show you how. 

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