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What A Good Marketing Agency Knows About Banner Ads

If you’ve been in business long enough, especially during the digital revolution of the last twenty-five years, you know that banner ads are nothing new. They’ve been a part of the World Wide Web landscape since the mid-1990s. You also know that there’s banner ads, and then there are BANNER ADS. Good ones stand out in ways that catch your attention. They make your eyes move right to them & get your fingers ready to click over.

The bad ones, as one can imagine, look bad, read bad, and mostly get in the way. THEY are the reason folks invest millions of dollars every year to block everything possible while online. As a business owner, you know getting in front of customers is essential to making it, especially on a digital platform. This means that your banner ad strategy has to be laid-out well & executed in just the right way. Otherwise, you’ll have wasted a lot of money for nothing (cue the guitar riff).

But as a business owner, how well do you understand the process your marketing agency goes through when putting together banner ads for your business? What input do you get to have, if any? The best marketing agencies understand there are some basic ‘rules’ when it comes to creating top-notch banner ads. They include:

Banner Size & Design

No one wants to be online & be completed inundated by an ad that takes over the internet browsing experience. On the flip-side, you’re not doing yourself any favors by making a potential customer have to strain to see what you ad even is because it’s so small. Finally, take a page from the heavy metal band name design notebook: don’t create a design that’s too complex, avant-garde, abstract, or even arrogant.

Call To Action

OK, so you’ve got a nicely designed banner ad that’s a good size in front of someone. Then what? There’s only so much you can pack into the ad in terms of text, so these words need to have some impact. Why not a call to action that speaks to the customer? You’d be surprised how much the right sentence can get a person’s attention in all the right ways.

Branding & Logo Placement

Aside from a good CTA or other solid text, maybe you really want to develop some good branding work in your ad. It might also be a great way to help you rethink what your current logo is. There have been a number of companies who have redesigned their logos & branding because the visual impact has been ‘meh’ & a little too cluttered.


Remember the whole ‘words need to have impact’ thing? This is where keywords play a major role in banner ad text creation. In just a small space, you can jam-pack a litany of SEO content.

Ultimately, if you broke down what the best marketing agencies know about banner ads, it’s that you have to be mindful of the KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid. However, this doesn’t mean you need to skimp on providing high-quality visuals.

Can an Austin advertising agency ‘learn you’ a thing to two about banner ads? Only if it’s the right one. Touch base with MindEcology today.

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