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What Is OTT Media and How Should You Use It

OTT media

It is very likely that the very first question the uninitiated might ask is the most obvious one — what is OTT media? OTT stands for over-the-top media. However, it is important to note that the strategy behind its use is much more grounded than the name would imply.

There was a time when the term ‘media’ implied standard television, cable, and the like. OTT media, on the other hand, concentrates on video content via the internet. As more households opt for streaming services to consume what they watch, companies have realized that they’ve had to realign their advertising and marketing strategy in order to reach the same folks they once did and/or reach a whole new audience all together.

OK. So, you’ve got a breakdown for what OTT media is, but what do you do with it?

Because streaming trackable results, taking the time to look at the data yields some incredibly detailed looks at WHO is watching, WHEN they’re watching, as well as a wealth of other demographic information. Using this can allow companies the opportunity to show different ads to different people on the same program at the same time! In short, you’ve combined customer profiling with OTT media for the ultimate 21st century marketing one-two punch!

OTT media can also be used to work across media platforms. Video content creation has been king for some time now. Not only can well-crafted advertising on streaming services be advantageous, but many companies often see an uptick in their social media pages by users searching for their ads if they’re especially memorable.

Is investing time and energy in OTT media the right call for your company? Truth be told, it depends. However, it is worth knowing that it is an effective strategy that has a proven track record. And let’s face it…there may have been a time when your ‘gut instinct’ was always on. But times change and so does every industry. The last thing a company should aim for is standing still hoping the ship will right itself.

Here at MindEcology, we’re an Austin advertising agency that believes in the numbers. We also believe in telling the story behind the numbers. Overall, we’re all about presenting a well-rounded depiction of who you are & what you’re all about to the right clients.

If your OTT media work needs some tidying up or maybe you need help getting started, touch base with our team today.