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What You Don’t Know About Text Ads Will Cost You


If you’ve ever done a general web search, then you’ve no doubt come across text ads. When done well, they stand out, get your attention, and demand that you click for more information. On the flip side, though, poorly constructed text ads can do everything from not be seen to be downright insulting to your industry.

Strategy is Everything

Considering the challenges businesses have faced over the last 12-16 months, the last thing a business wants to do is sink themselves with poor ad strategy. The first thing you need to do is understand the basics of text ads and how a little work can pay off in a major way. For example:

All About ‘First Touch’

When a prospective client/customer does a web search on a topic, a text ad will usually be the first thing they see. You want your ad to connect from the start. This connection will dictate whether the initial web search becomes fruitful.

Relevancy Matters

A way to make sure a ‘first touch’ text ad sparks interest is to make sure it has relevancy to a search. This includes addressing the product/service desired & having a place for the search to go like a landing page.

Maximizing The Little Things

You want your ad to get folks clicking with purpose. The more maximized the clicks & text ad quality score, the lower cost per action (CPA). This ultimately results in a more favorable ROI.

The Wheel Doesn’t Need Re-Inventing

Far too many businesses believe that the ‘perfect’ text ad needs to be both thought-provoking & awe-inspiring. All you need to know is that if you put in a little work to keep refining your text ads, you’ll see better results.

Make the Right Call

But what if you know nothing about text ads? Sure, you can depend on the free guidance that major companies offer with their business dashboard. But at what point are you refining your campaigns as opposed to blindly going with ‘recommended’ options? You may need help from an ad agency that can help you build a strategy based on actual performance figures. This way, your text ads aren’t just ‘recommended’ options — they’re tailored to help you reach your goals.

Could your text ads use a little sprucing up? Click here to learn more today.

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