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Established 2009

What Our Agency Partners Think of Us, In Their Own Words

At MindEcology, we pride ourselves on our ability to “play nice with others.” We see every other agency as a potential partner, rather than as a competitor.

That’s one of the reasons we believe our Partner Program has become so successful. But there are others. We’re ALWAYS looking for a Win-Win-Win between your agency, your customer, and ourselves.

In talking with our partners over the years, here are the areas where they sing our praises most often:

1. We Fill a Real Need: Many of the very best agencies around have never had the time, motivation, or reason to expand their services into the areas of marketing strategy, digital advertising, and research/analytics. These agencies already have a healthy business but realize that their customers sometimes simply need access to some of these specialized services. As a well-established agency led by seasoned marketing veterans, MindEcology is the ideal partner to call upon for strategic conversations, digital marketing campaigns, audience definition, and ad hoc analytics projects.

As Lindsey Moore of partner agency GreenFox Marketing Solutions puts it: “As a growing marketing agency, we love being able to offer our clients the services that MindEcology provides that we do not provide in-house. This helps us offer a wider breadth of services to fulfill their marketing needs.”

2. We Are Responsive: Need to speak with someone in charge? MindEcology’s co-founders, Darren and Jed, will be your primary contacts for all-things-strategy. All of the important decisions for your customers’ campaigns go through us first – before our team kicks into gear. We set aside time in our schedules each day to respond to partners’ requests. As Ms. Moore of GreenFox Marketing Solutions says, “Their team has proven to be flexible, responsive, and always dependable.”

3. We Deliver the Goods: MindEcology has systems, processes and procedures in place to maximize efficiencies and to help us deliver on-time. We don’t just offer strategy, digital, and data: we are VERY good at what we offer your clients. That’s why so many of our agency partners are repeat customers. According to Duke Greenhill of J.O. Design: “Data on its own is useless in most hands , a block of unpolished marble without discernible meaning. Weve come to rely on MindEcology to provide not just the data, but also to sculpt it into actionable insight.”

Signing up as a MindEcology Agency Partner is easy. There is no obligation to engage in a project. We are friendly, smart and ready to help. Questions or ideas for a project? Call Jed Jones, Co-Founder, 512-649-5169 or email him at today.

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