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When Should You Worry About Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign


If you’ve made appearances at business symposiums & even checked out a few webinars, you’ve no doubt been told that a great pay-per-click advertising campaign is a must. Really what you’re hearing is that the more people can find you online & click their way to doing business with you, the better your bottom line will be. The trick, however, is getting the public to actually click on your ads.

Easy, right? Actually, no, but it’s the notion of it being so easy that tends to get companies in trouble. All too often, they try their hand at the cookie-cutter PPC tools they have free access to & start playing around. There are recommendations & templates to get you from Point A to Point B, and at the end of a few minutes, voila! You’re doing PPC.

But are you really? Most pay-per-click experts will tell you that there’s a lot of nuance to getting this kind of work to pay-off. Otherwise, you’re not just playing with paint-by-numbers PPC guides — you’re toying with your money.

Are there signs to look out for to see if your PPC ad campaign is in trouble? Well, ask yourself the following questions:

Can you distinguish whether it’s optimized for searches or not?

Is it disorganized & cluttered?

Is your ad copy bad?

Are you getting more leads than conversions?

Does your PPC person have a lot of other responsibilities?

Are you spending more than you make?

A good pay-per-click advertising campaign doesn’t have to be complicated. It needs to have direction, be designed to be accessible, and it has to be easy to navigate & tweak. More importantly, the PPC work you’re having done needs to be done well from the start. That’s where getting solid help comes into play. The right agency can do wonders for you by assessing your needs & goals and tailoring a pay-per-click campaign to get you where you want to be. This lets you concentrate on the most important thing — running your business.

If you’ve got a pay-per-click advertising campaign in Austin, TX, or anywhere for that matter, that could use some sprucing up, touch base with the experts at MindEcology today.

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