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When You Should Leave Social Media Content To Your Intern — And When You Shouldn’t

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Social media content creation seems to be all the rage, with more influencers becoming pivotal figures in reaching certain demographics. That said, for all that social media can be when it comes to make-up tutorials, tech news, and spilling tea, it’s worth asking what social media can ACTUALLY do for your business.

Then again, many business owners know that this a world they’re not familiar enough with to make a big impact. As such, they tend to leave content creation on social media platforms to their young interns. They’re the right age & demographic to get what’s hip & ‘with it’ to get folks to pay attention. In all honestly, it’s actually not a bad strategy, especially when you know that team members’ talents & work are better applied elsewhere.

But it must be said that in order for any intern to create good social media content for a company, there needs to be structure. Furthermore, expectations for the content creation need to be hammered out before thumbs get a twittlin’. Otherwise, a bad post or poorly planned hashtag, and your PR people will be earning their salary the hard way!

Here are a few helpful hints on social media content creation & intern responsibility:

YES to Customer Engagement

Social media is only good if it is social. Interns can peruse the comments section & interact with customers, as well as take notes on constructive criticism a company can use to improve a product/service.

YES to Experimentation

With expectations & structure in place, there needs to be some room available for your intern to try new kinds of posts. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of what’s popular, so let them try something that could garner positive feedback & attention.

NO Brand/Company Knowledge

If you’ve got an intern that’s good at a lot of things, great. But do they know your company & what it stands for? If not, then they CAN’T effectively represent you on social media.

One other option companies have is delegating their social media content creation to agencies who specialize in it. They’ve got the skills, resources, and knowledge to build up your online presence the right way all while letting you run your business.

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